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Sara Bareilles!

So last Tuesday night, our new favorite singer Sara Bareilles was back in town. This time she was headlining the Duck Room! It sold out, so hopefully next time she'll play somewhere larger. We had a little mis-communication about tickets, hence the sign that Rachael made.

You may have heard the song "Love Song" on the radio, or maybe you saw the video. This was the third time we saw her in concert...the first time was when she opened for Aqualung (...they sang our "first dance" song at our wedding). I guarantee if you buy her CD you won't stop listening to it for a long time!

Here's a cool pic of Griff before the show. He was a good husband and held my camera bag when it got too heavy :) He became the hero of the hour when he ever-so-politely asked the girls next to us to stop talking during the show...

Here are some pics I got of S.B. The Duck Room is really small, so it isn't hard to get up close. I was experimenting with my flash and I think I got some fun shots.

I like the shadow here...

And my favorite of the night...


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