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Hendrix Family! {St. Louis Modern Family Photographer}

10.24.1011- I was reeeallly nervous about this shoot. You see, I shot this family's portraits last year, and they were a big hit! One of my favorites of the year, and is still featured on my website! So, when Karen contacted me to do a shoot again this year, I felt a lot of pressure to live up to last year's shoot!

We met up at Lafayette Square and I brought my mustaches. Not a new prop in the photography world but I found these awesome ones that are so much better than the typical felt/paper mustaches. And it helped the kids warm up a bit :)

Karen gets a photo shoot every year to remember how much her family is growing...everyone should do this!

The end! I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as you did last year's!


Lynsey T said...

Love these! Great idea to break out some props to ease the kids into photos!

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