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Marcy + Joel, Engaged!

June 22nd, 2011--
I met Marcy back around the holiday season randomly at Stir Crazy, of all places! She was dining with a past bride, Julie, and told me she may just need a wedding photographer very soon :) A few months later she contacted me to let me know she'd be having a winter wedding this year! I'm glad I was open for their date!

We started out hanging with Marcy and Joel's pups. They weren't quite sure what was going on but seemed to enjoy the cuddle time :)

And then we headed over to the park...where we were bombed by cicadas. Heard a few shrieks out of Marcy...

We walked down a path and this gorgeous spot of sunlight just "appeared". It was perfect...

Brides, if you want light like this, it's going to occur about an hour or 45 minutes before sunset!

Racquetball court? Yep, makes for some sweet shots.

Marcy and Joel, see you in December!!


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