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Megan + Kevin: A Snowy Wedding in St. Louis!

Wedding Date: March 26th, 2011 I was looking forward to this wedding for a long time...I shot Megan and Kevin's engagement pictures last year, and they are such a comfortable couple to hang out with. As their wedding date drew near, I remember being threatened by rain. Megan and I came up with a "rain plan" and had several ideas of where we could escape the weather. Then, toward the end of the week, snow started to threaten. I wasn't too worried...snow is actually better than rain, in my opinion. Softer, prettier. But this snow did not follow my rules for snow. It was fast, messy, heavy, dress-soaking snow. You'll get to see some later :) We started off the day cold, but snow free. The ceremony took place at the Little Flower Church. Cool place to shoot... A snow-free bride arrived ready to marry her fiance... Megan made the paper products for her wedding...I'm always impressed by my creative brides :) The bride's snow-free friends and family clapped for her when she got dressed...love this photo. A snow-free ceremony followed... When family formals inside the church were completed, someone peeked outside and exclaimed, "It's snowing!" Perfect...just in time for our fun portraits outside, in which we were planning on heading to the City Garden, Busch Stadium, and Ted Drewes. Hmmm... The light snow resulted in my fave photo of the day... And then, the snow got crazy. I half-panicked. But I knew I had a good indoor spot to go. So I calmed down, and made an action plan. The light here ended up being fab. While we were downtairs taking photos, a brave man was proposing to his girlfriend. I had to stop myself from running upstairs to photograph it.... Second favorite photo of the day. This was taken with my off-camera lighting...which I rarely have time to set up during a wedding day. But I figured if we were going to be stuck in side, I needed to get creative. On facebook, someone told Megan she looked like an "old hollywood" movie star. I have to agree. Thank goodness these 2 and their bridal party were good sports. Busch Stadium is special to Megan and Kevin as they met at a baseball game. If you watched the news last week, you may have seen that someone was actually getting married inside the stadium that day... And in this picture, please ignore the lack of perfect focus. Holy moly, it is tough to focus in the snow. Hopefully this photo will always bring back memories of a snowy wedding day... Now really...what fun would a snowy wedding day be without hitting up Ted Drewe's for free custard? After Ted Drewe's we rushed over to the reception (and monopolized the fireplace for about an hour before guests arrived...hey, our toes were wet and frozen!) We listened to some heart-warming toasts and the newly-thawed-out-weds finally got to have their first dance... And then something SPECTACULAR happened! Megan's friends and family, unbeknownst to her, organized a "flashmob". It was amazing. I will let you read Megan's explanation of it on her blog. And if you've never seen one, google it. They are pretty cool. Megan's Flashmob to Bruno Mars I wish you guys all the best, and hope you enjoyed your snowy wedding day as much as you would have a sunny one. Hey, it makes for MUCH better stories. Here are some of Megan + Kevin's vendors for the day: Bridal Gown - David's Bridal Bridesmaid's Dresses - David's Bridal Tuxes - Men's Wearhouse Florist- Lesher's Flowers Transportation - Presidential Limousines, Inc. Cake - Wedding Wonderland DJ - Nick Meyer Hair - Erica Pagano Makeup - Julia Santiago Ceremony - Little Flower Catholic Church Reception Hall - Orlando Gardens Bridesmaid Clutches- etsy.com shop PoppyPunch Bridal Hair Piece - etsy.com shop Silverpencils


Megan Stoll said...

it was an incredible day and hats off to you and your crew for being such troopers and trudging around in the snow! i love all of these!! :)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Beth. I know how stressed you were about how the snow pics would turn out, but they are lovely. And the lighting is beautiful in the indoor shots. I'm glad you had a great, laid-back, beautiful couple for this day! MK

Anonymous said...

You are extremely talented! I love these and only hope to be able to take pics like this myself someday. Megan and Kevin look absolutely amazing in every single picture!!

Anonymous said...

Looking at these photo's makes you feel like you are there and part of the day.
Amazing work.

Sutberry Photography said...

What a crazy fun day! Love their church and the flash mob!!!

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