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More Best of 2010...

Last week I blogged my favorite wedding portraits of 2010. I had high aspirations of also blogging favorite candid shots, favorite ring shots, favorite engagement photos, favorite family photos, etc...but I let the holidays get the best of me and didn't do much of anything except relax and spend time with my family. Now that my winter break is about to end, I thought I'd put up a "Best of the Rest", of sorts. While pouring over the thousands of images I captured this year, I pulled all kinds of favorites. My categories started sounding like "Senior Superlatives" from my high school year book. Beware, some of them are pretty random :)

Best shot by my 2nd shooter, Gail Fleming (Chris and Julie's Wedding)

Favorite "Not sure what they're looking at, but it's really sweet" Ceremony Moment (Maryann and Mike's Wedding)

The next two were a tie for me...

Favorite Wedding Gown (Ashley + Jim's Wedding)

Favorite Wedding Gown (Ashley + Herbie's Wedding)

Favorite Getting Ready Gone Wrong moment...(Kerri + Jason's Wedding)

Best Maternity shot in the Snow...

Favorite shot of my niece, AKA Cutest Baby in the World.

Favorite Roof-Top engagement pic (Kate and Peter)

Best Silhouette of a Bride Shot (Kate and Mark's Wedding)

Favorite Snuggly Family Portrait (The Hendrix Family)

Best Light right before Sunset shot...

Best Behind the Scenes, this is what kids really do between the smiles Shot

Favorite Trash the Dress Shot (Rachel and Matt)

Favorite Girls-being-Girls shot

Favorite Engagement Photo on a Tennis Court with Dark skies...hehe...or just plain Fave Engagement Photo

"Awesome-est" boutonniere (Katy and Tyler's wedding)

Fave Smiliest Baby

Best Creepy Mustache Groomsmen Shot (Mike and Mary's Wedding)

Favorite returning Customers :)

Favorite Bride + Dad Processional Shot (Ann + Justin's Wedding)

Most Spontaneous Bride and Groom (Leanne and Andy's Wedding)

Most Unique Color Scheme (Laura and Stuart's Wedding)

Prettiest Shot of a Couple Standing in Tulips

Most Unique Wedding Cake (Katy and Tyler's Wedding)

Best Shot of a Bride Getting Down! (Anna + Farid's Wedding)

Prettiest Bouquet (Kerri + Jason's Wedding)

...which leads into Best Shot of a Toss Bouquet Exploding into a Million Pieces...

Coolest Dance Floor (Ann + Justin's Wedding)

Favorite Reception Details (Leanne + Andy's Wedding)

Favorite Ring Shot (Anna + Farid's Wedding)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites from this year. I honestly could have kept going with them all night. 2010 was a stellar year, and I can only hope that 2011 will be even better :)


Leanne said...

Such beautiful pics Beth!! You should be very proud of yourself. I'm proud of you too :). Happy 2011 to you and Griff!!

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