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Megan + Kevin, Engaged!

Megan and Kevin will be getting married next March! I am friends with Megan on facebook, and her posts always crack me up...so I was excited for our engagement session. Right before we met I found an abandoned lot that I thought was perfect for photos...well perfect except for some broken glass, burrs, and mosquitos. That didn't bother them one bit...I always love an adventurous couple :)

We started out at Lafayette Park...

There were a ton from this next series that I loved...

There is no shortage of good brick walls down in Lafayette Square.

See...cool abandoned field!

Thanks guys! Looking forward to your wedding next year!

Stay tuned later this week for the wedding of my college buddy, Leanne...all the way from Asheville, NC.


Anonymous said...

These are all so pretty but I really love the one of them with the pink flowers, and the last one against the blue sky - very simple but beautiful. Nice work. MK

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