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Jessica's Maternity Post!

Last week I was on spring break from the day job and felt SO lucky because I was able to get home to Ohio for Jess's baby shower. Over the years I've made it known how sad it makes me when I miss events in my old friends' lives b/c of my move to St. Louis...it felt great that she cared enough to schedule this event partially around me!

This blog post is a little different...the rule was that Jess got to pick her favorites. I don't normally let clients make that call but she's one of my bestest buddies so I'll let her be the exception :)

This was NOT one she picked...but I liked it b/c it shows how much info she is squeezing into her mind currently...hehe
Okay on to the actually maternity photos! Meet my fellow Miami Alum and former roommate! We've had a lot of good times together over the years!
The baby's room is so pretty. They know they are having a girl...but no name yet...
Kevin was also a big part of our fun times at Miami in the "later" years.

Marley is their first baby :)
Jess your eyes look so pretty here!
Thanks for asking me to capture this moment in life for you :) Love you and can't wait to meet Baby Steiner!


Anonymous said...

We haven't seen Jessica in such a long time, so I was so glad to see these. She looks amazing! Can't wait for the baby photos! Mom K

JessMiamiU said...

You are the best, Beth! I'm obviously not feeling very cute at the moment but the pictures you took are fantastic!!! I can't wait to share these with our baby one day! And thanks for letting me pick out my fav. pictures for your blog!!! :)

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