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Amy and Brad: Engaged!

Amy and Brad will be getting married this September in St. Charles. They live out in Wentzville so we decided to shoot in New Town for their engagement session. If you've never been to New Town, you need to go! It's an amazing place..I'd live there in a heart beat if it wasn't so far from the city!

Amy was referred to me by our friend Alissa...Thanks Alissa!

We started out at the church at the center of town...

Such pretty eyes!!
Here a guy came out and tried to convince us to come in for breakfast...very tempting with it being a little chilly out!

I had to add these shots b/c I'm fascinated by this home! What ARE all those rooms? It's like they took a bunch of house parts and stacked them all together! Also love the zoo animals in the park!

Thanks for meeting me so early on Saturday guys! Hope it wasn't too chilly for you :) I'm sure the weather for your Sept wedding will be divine!


Katie said...

Love these, Beth!!! And I love the colors the couple chose...very cute

Alissa said...

Love,love,love,these pictures!Awesome work Beth! Amy and Brad, can't wait for the wedding day. It will be so much fun=)

Amy said...

Thanks Beth, love the pics! You even make me (someone who never takes a good picture look good) Can't for you to shoot the wedding.

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