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Mayday, mayday! Computer down!

Hey everyone! Friday night my computer crashed...and while I'm lucky that I have all important photos backed-up elsewhere, it's putting a major hold on all my photo editing. I can do some limited editing on my husband's laptop, but I'm holding off a bit until I find out what exactly is wrong with mine. Could be something simple, and I'll have it back in a few days, or it could be the motherboard and take up to 30 days. I promise all clients that have had photos taken already will have their product in time for Christmas cards.

For all you mini session folks coming up this weekend, I will make a post later to tell you exactly where we are meeting. Pray for good weather, if the weather is rainy, unfortunately we are too close to the holidays to reschedule.

Thanks for being patient while I deal with computer issues! I have limited email access to my business account, so check your inboxes for emails from other accounts. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

can we still take somewhere indoors if it's rainy?

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