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Savannah: 10 days old...!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the Nunn family and their newest edition: Savannah! Amy's friends bought her a gift of my photo services for a baby shower gift. I think that is such a fantastic idea for a gift! (hint, hint!)

Here's the whole family (including their pup, Nala)..

I love this photo from the sneak peek, so here it is again...

Their bedroom had great light!

Yay! Pumpkin hat! I love when people buy cute newborn accessories off of etsy!

Savannah is an October baby, so pumpkins are very fitting :)

Beautiful blue eyes...

Savannah is on her way to being a Cardinals fan!

Thanks guys!


Sarah said...

Beth - you did such a fantastic job! I guess it doesn't hurt that you had such a cute family and precious baby to work with!!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Beth these are beautiful! That second one is glorious and the one of them on the bed... so cool. :)

brit @ landlocked bride said...

She is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

THese are adorable! I love the blocks with her name spelled out. Any idea where you can get those?

Maria said...

OMG, the first pumpkin hat picture you posted makes me smile. I think that's my favorite newborn picture ever!!! Fantastic job!

Amy said...

Beth . . . you did an AMAZING job!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to come photograph my precious new baby! For as fussy as she was, you would never know in the pictures. You did a fabulous job making her look like the angel that she is and we appreciate your work!

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