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Katy and David are MARRIED!

This weekend I shot the wedding of Katy and David in Rolla, MO. Lately I just can't seem to stay in St. Louis, haha. I guess I could call myself a destination photographer, as long as those destinations are about 100 miles from St. Louis!

Katy and David had a very small bridal party and a really relaxed day...makes my job easy-peasy!

Let's start off with some details!
Good light can really MAKE your getting-ready shots! Love these!

Katy said it didn't feel real until I walked into the salon and started snapping photos :)

Nice shot of Katy's hair, styled by her good friend Melanie...

I like the shadows in this shot...

Outside St. Patrick's church...the photo on the right is Katy's reaction when I told her to be sexy...haha!

A lot of times I neglect to use the church for the couple photos...but I'm starting to enjoy these types of shots...

Katy grew up and Rolla and had some good spots for us planned out...

And David had to use this train! How cool is this? Cool enough that we had people lurking around jealous out of their minds that Katy and David had the key to the train area and no one else was allowed in ;)

And I'll leave you once again with a ring shot...reflects a fall wedding, no?

Hope you enjoy your photos...I'm sure you are running in from the beach in Hawaii just to check out this blog post :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photography; gorgeous couple!

Anonymous said...

Love the lighting in the shot of her coming up the stairs, and the candid shot of her laughing outside the church. All of them are VERY pretty. Looks like a fun, happy couple. MK

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