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Kate and Mark: Engaged!

Last week I met Kate and Mark on a cloudy fall day for their engagement photos! Kate found me through Stephanie and Meagan of fete stl. I'm excited to work with them! They will be getting hitched next July (their date is etched in my mind because it's the weekend before my big 3-0...eeks!)

Kate is newer to Saint Louis and didn't have a preference as to where we shot...which was fun for me coming up with some ideas for her. Our first location is a popular photo spot, but then we moved to the "beach", which was great even without the sun I was hoping for :)

(p.s...I am blogging from another computer b/c my laptop currently has no internet...the quality looks poor to me here but I'm hoping it's just this old screen! Please let me know if you think these look different quality-wise from my normal posts...thanks!)

It's a breath of fresh air when you find a couple who are naturals in front of the camera...I didn't have to direct them much at all!

Off to the beach...

Brrr...this water was frigid!

This one reminds me of a clothing add or something :)

Thanks for braving the clouds and sand with me guys! Looking forward to your big day!


brit @ landlocked bride said...

Thanks for the shout out (fete stl)!!

I'll be doing my e-pics at Creve Coeur Park on Wednesday (as one of our locations). So glad the colors are nice!

Great shots!

Megan said...

Great shots! Good ideas and poses :)

Kate said...

I love them!! Thank you for doing such an amazing job!

Marcie said...

These are gorgeous! Love the locations.

Clary said...

Awesome session Beth!! and what a great location:)

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