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Megan and Travis: The Details!

So if you follow my blog, you probably have noticed that I like to divide up my wedding posts. I do this for a few reasons...1) It keeps me from stressing over a HUGE blog post. 2) It gives the couple and their friends/family something to look forward to for the whole week. 3) My brain "works" in categories...i.e. details, wedding events, bride and groom portraits, etc.

Megan and Travis were married just this weekend in Hermann, MO, at the Hermann Hill Village. It was a beautiful venue for a wedding. Since booking with Megan, we've become "facebook" friends, and I've enjoyed over the last few months her sending me her ideas for details for the wedding. Just to name a few...custom made clutches for the bridesmaids to carry down the aisle, custom made ring pillow, Jones Soda bottles with their engagement pics (this has been done before I know, but was extra cool for them because their last name is Jones!), hand-made signs on the tables, a custom-made photo guestbook...and much more. Megan had many things made through etsy.com.

I've said this before, but having details that are special to you really make your wedding stand out in people's minds! I enjoyed putting these collages together this morning!

Lastly...my 2 favorite ring shots of the night!


Anonymous said...

Ring shots kick some serious booty and that cake image...WOW! And how can you not love the cluthes and shoes...sigh, the shoes!

Megan said...

These are all FANTASTIC! I love the shoe shot - and those tissue paper flowers are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Wow! Those details are perfection... photoed so lovely:)

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