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Kaitlyn, 5 Days Old!

Everyone needs to meet my first niece, Kaitlyn Paige! She is just beautiful! Danny and Sarah are so lucky to have this little bundle of goodness in their lives! I was so happy to be able to get home this week to do her newborn photos. Luckily I was able to get my mom to put her down long enough to get some great ones!

Starting off in her room...love that dress!

Just the faintest hint of a smile...

"Grandma" has this chair in her bedroom and I had to use it! Ignore the diaper...Kaitlyn wasn't thrilled with the prospect of being totally naked :)

Doesn't she make you feel just peaceful?

Kaitlyn's maternal "grandma", Julie, got her these butterfly wings...

I just couldn't get enough of this little crate. Again these outdoor photos are on my parents' property...wish I could do more sessions here!

A few bloopers...this face is so funny!

LOVE this! While we were trying to get Kaitlyn settled, Danny and Sarah's puggle helped me test the light in the bedroom :)

Love you guys! I expect constant updates on Kaitlyn's status via facebook and phone calls!


Anonymous said...

I don't know who to be prouder of,
our first grandchild or our amazing photographer daughter.
Both of you are "My Sunshine".


Anonymous said...

I wrote a comment and didn't exit correctly, so it wasn't saved.
They are beautiful pictures and a beautiful baby. She's grown! I see a little resemblance to Danny's baby picture, I think, otherwise she doesn't look the same as when she was younger, like 1 (day).
Sorry we didn't get together--soon I hope.
Take care, love you,

Anonymous said...

I recogonize the blanket the dog is posing on! Great pics as always. Hard not to get good shots when you have such a great baby to take pictures of.

Good job, Aunt Beth.

Aunt Cheryl

Michelle said...

Is it just me... or are newborn pics the hardest ever? :) Yours are so beautiful! :)

Sarah King said...

Beth the pictures are absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see all of them... you are a fabulous photographer. Kaitlyn is lucky to have such a talented aunt! Thanks so much for coming to see her and for the taking the pics. We love you.

Dan and Sarah

Leanne said...

Congrats Auntie Beth! She is quite the cutie :)

Anonymous said...

Beth, The photos are beautiful. Your niece is precious. Congrats to mom and dad.

Taryn said...

Kaitlyn is very lucky to have a great aunt and a wonderful photographer for the rest of her life!!!! The pictures are beautiful- I love the "faint smile" picutre. The dog with wings is great too! Congrats everyone!

kravitzphotographystudio said...

She is so precious! love the blooper shots and the two with the wings! Great work!

Molly said...

These pics are great! The one in the box outside is AMAZING!

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