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Poole Family: Beach Portraits!

Hmm...beach portraits you say? In St. Louis? Yep! Tracy suggested this location and quite honestly I'd never even thought about it before! Tracy is a (former-boo!) coworker of mine and I think this is the 3rd time I've worked with her family and kids. Her girls have totally opposite personalities but are so cute together!

Oh, and I calibrated my screen this weekend, so let me know if the colors look crazy to you!
I had lots of fun with these silhouette shots!
Example 1 of different personalities :)
Eeks! How sweet! I love having repeat clients and watching them grow!


Megan said...

These look GREAT! My favorites are the first and third - the backlighting is really pretty :)

Lindsey said...

Great colors! Love the first shot and also that youo got beach photos in St. L! Is this Creve Coeur Lake?

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! My favorites are the family shots. This is why I keep you in the circle :) Tracy

Brit said...

Cute! Did you travel for these?

Beth Berry said...

Lindsey was right...these are at Creve Couer Lake! there were about 8 million people out exercising that night b/c it was gorgeous out!

Thanks for the blog comments!

Sherry Rosenberger said...

These are so sweet - LOVE what you did on 1 & 3!!!

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