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Denise and TJ: Engaged!

I booked Denise and TJ over email, so we met for the first time on Sunday morning! This couple is having a non-traditional wedding this fall, and it sounds like it will be a lot of fun to shoot! They drove down from Springfield to have some pics in the city...so we started out at the City Garden!

Yes, I had never met them before, but here's the reaction I got when I warned TJ I'd seen his facebook page...good ice breaker :)

Love when guys are good cuddlers!

Denise your eyes look beautiful here!

TJ wanted some grunge...so we went to find some. We also found the entrance to the Albino Kitty...still wondering what that was all about :)

One more kiss for the camera...and you're done!

See you again in October!


necer65 said...

Beth...really like the pictures. We had a fun time taking them. You are awesome!!

Casia Fletcher said...

My favorite is the second to last series (image on the right) where she's doing her thang and he's just smiling @ her! They look very relaxed there. Great location too!

Anonymous said...

These are all great but I especially like the 2 black & whites where they're laughing about your facebook comment. It's fun when you capture genuine laughter. mk

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun couple! I really like the one of the two of them kissing on the green wall. Great locations!

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