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Little Miss Amalia

Amalia is the newest baby girl to one of my husband's best college buddies, Aaron, and his wife Katie. She just turned 1 month old and it's time to get those announcements sent out! So I met them at their home this morning to capture some photos of their new beautiful daughter, along with a few of their 3 year old, Ava.

What's a newborn without a pink tutu?

Ava kept me entertained while Amalia wasn't ready for her close up.

The neighbor's horse was wondering what all the commotion was about...

Photographing a one-month old can be difficult...but once Amalia's belly was full we were able to get her into some newborn poses :)

My fave from today...

Pink and leopard print are very prominent colors at Amalia's new home :)

Nice to see you guys today! Your girls are just adorable!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the 7th one, something about the fence sold me on it. Great job as always!

Anonymous said...

She, and these photos are gorgeous!

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