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Zipfel Family: Portraits

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a shoot, and I was lucky enough to meet this family!

Grandparents were in town from FL, and were feeling a little chilly in the 70 degree weather :) Hey, I totally feel them...I'm happiest when it's 90 degrees and sunny :)

At first Mr. H wasn't too sure about me...but once he figured out he could throw flowers at me he totally changed his tune...and can you believe that hair...love it!

The sun was just golden and gorgeous last night..

Miss M. picked out this skirt herself...she did a great job!

Love this next shot...

How sweet is this? I love it when siblings get along :)

More of the beautiful light..

And one last one...this is more of a blooper...but I just love H's face...he's wondering what on earth his sister is doing...and with that, the shoot was over :)

It was lovely to hang out with your family on such a fabulous evening! Enjoy your photos!


kravitzphotographystudio said...

Ha! that last shot is too cute!

Sherry Rosenberger said...

These kids are so cute!! Especially love everything about the third one.

Wild Irish Rose Photorgaphy said...

These are way too cute!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, what beautiful children! I especially love the kid with their grandparents - something they will always treasure. mk

Crista said...

I love each and every one of these, SO GOOOOOOOD.

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