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"Look at me and Smile"

Okay, so after a phone conversation with my mom this afternoon, I decided to write a blog about this subject: "looking at the camera". Yep mom, I actually do get some nice, couple-looking-at-the-camera photos that moms will love. Below you will see an example of a few. I just don't always blog them because the other stuff is so much more fun :)
Fortunately, these two are naturals in front of the camera, so their "mom" shots look great too!

That's all!


Frank DiMeo said...

Your fav is my fav Beth. But I like the two right after that image a lot, and the forth one after with the iron fence. Fun stuff!

Sarah Q said...

Haha. My mom always asks me "did you take any 'normal' photos?!" Moms are so much fun :)

Great work! Love the processing on these!

XOXO, Sarah Q

Anonymous said...

That's more like it! mom

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