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Heather and Chris: Engaged!

Heather and Chris are getting married in May at a winery in Alton. It's going to be a smaller, intimate event and it sound like it will be lovely! They wanted something a little different for their engagement pics, so we went for the urban look, which I love!

I think this is my fave...

Chris suggested the bridge and it turned out to be a great idea!

The one black and white image...this image was calling for it but the day was so beautiful I felt everything else needed to be in COLOR!!

See you guys in about a month!


Ramblin' Rose Photography said...

Love them!

Kelly said...

The last one in black and white is my favorite you guys look great here. Can't wait for the wedding!

mxq said...

i know EXACTLY what you're saying about color versus black and white! that's a great location and her earrings were fabulous!

clary5four said...

How exciting! I'm sure their wedding will be beautiful...intimate in a beautiful area.

My favorite is the shot by the bridge, the sky is so blue!

Von DeVore said...

I love urban sessions too! My fav pic is the one of them sitting on the shipping dock. I also like the one of them in front of the metal circles sculputre because the sculputre thing is sooo cool looking.

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