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Kelly, Jay, and KIDS!--Engagement/Family...

This weekend I met up with Kelly, Jay, and their brave kids for a cold engagement/family shoot. Kelly and Jay will be married in April and wanted engagement pics, but Kelly's kids are of course a huge part of them so they got to be included in the session :)

We started out at Forest Park...I truly thought the World's Fair Pavilion would block some of the wind, but I was WRONG! you can't tell from the following picture, but check out Kelly's hair in the last collage!

None of us were really feeling the bitter winds, so Kelly suggested we go to the Botanical Gardens, because they are members there...genius idea!

This made the kids much happier!

Love this...the age difference is about the same as my brother and I...ahh the memories...

Love the cheesin' smile here :)
And what's an engagement session without lots of kissing!
Looking forward to your April wedding!!!


Von DeVore said...

Love your post processing, Beth! I especially liked the one of the whole family where the kids are in the foreground. Botanical Gardens has sooo many great photo ops. Good job!

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