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Busy Times!!

Hey everyone! I rarely blog if it doesn't involve a session, but I just have a few things to talk about!!

1) If you are a bride who called me from Texas about your wedding, I am sorry I didn't return your call...I accidentally deleted the message and my new blackberry decided to delete a whole lot of information I needed!! I am actually booked that day but didn't want you to think I was being rude :)

2) My weekends through the end of May are pretty much booked to the max...so I am not taking any more sessions at this time unless you want to schedule for after the first week of June (or if you are a wedding couple who has booked with me and needs to have an engagement session). Remember I have a full time job on top of the photography thing (for at least another year or so) that prevents me from taking any sessions during the week. In June school will be out and my availability during weekdays frees up, at least until the first week of August (we go back to work on August 3rd, how CRAZY!!) It is my goal to eventually cut back my hours at my full-time job so that I can take more clients on....keep your fingers crossed on that one!

3) For all clients who receive a disc of images, don't forget that you can also order a variety of professionally printed products from me, including extra-large prints and gorgeous canvases. Those are things you don't want to risk having made yourself!


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