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Back from FL!

Hey everyone! Griff and I just got back from Orlando and we are soooo tired! We had a really relaxing week of laying by the pool and visiting Disney World (3 parks in one day, woo hoo!) We are currently very refreshed and slightly sunburnt (I seem to always apply sunscreen so that I have oddly placed white marks), and I feel very ready for all the photography work I have coming up!

This weekend I have the wedding of Nicole and Dustin, so stay tuned for their post and slideshows. I will also be blogging about the sample albums I've ordered that go with the wedding packages I am now offering. The month of April is filled with shooting non-stop every weekend except for Easter when we are taking a much belated trip home to see my family.

So anyway, lots of good stuff coming up! In conclusion, here is a pic of yours truly with my "Minnie" hat at MGM. My blackberry took a pretty decent shot!


Anonymous said...

You rock that Minnie Hat!

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