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Lazy blogger..

Sorry I haven't been updating! I have been shooting, but some of the stuff I haven't been able to blog. Friday night I helped with an event for Emmaus Homes with Brandi Brown and her hubby. It was a neat event attended by hundreds of really giving people. Thanks Brandi for having me along!

Saturday I got to help Clary Pfeiffer with a fabulous boudoir shoot down at the Bogen Lofts on Washington. The lofts were AAAAA-mazing. Clary had some gorgeous girls come through to have some beautiful pictures made for their fiances or husbands. I grabbed some absolutely gorgeous shots but unfortunately need to keep them under wraps :)

I do have a couple of weddings that I 2nd shot that could be blogged, so I just need to stop being lazy! In a week and a half our friends Sebastian and Robin are getting married, so expect a major blog post from their wedding.

Here's the lens Clary let me borrow for the boudoir shoot...the 85mm 1.2. I have the 1.8 and really don't pull it out too much. This lens produced some fabulous shots. I have heard that the 1.8 is better in low light b/c the 1.2 takes too long to focus. It worked great for this portrait shoot though!

Blogging soon,



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