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Brenda and Jamie Get married and Celebrate!

It is always so hard for flower girls to make it allllll the way down the aisle without getting distracted :)

Brenda was escorted down the aisle by one of her brothers...

I am always a big fan of the "just married", coming-back-down-the-aisle photo!

Okay so I don't usually include formal pics on the blog...but I had to to showcase Brenda's family! These are her mom + FOURTEEN brothers and sisters! Wow!

We also didn't get much time for outdoor pics of the bridal party, so they clowned around a bit at the church :)
Jamie's grandfather was his best man...that is very cool.
Fun ring shot! Can you guess what this is?

This is not the best picture as far as technical standards...but I had to showcase it. You know a party is fun when the flower girl ends up head-over-heels!
I think this is finally the end of blogging Brenda and Jamie! I want to thank you guys again for letting me capture your big day! I wish you nothing but the most beautiful marriage!


Anonymous said...

These are great. And the last one is hysterical! She'll have to live that one down someday! mk

Von DeVore said...

Love the pic of the flower girl coming down the aisle. Good job!!!

sarajane said...

Hi Beth,
I followed a link at 2peas to your website. Your photos are beautiful! Do you scrapbook them as well?
Sara Taylor, also of St. Louis

Ramblin' Rose Photography said...

Digging the rings on the light sconce.

The Peterson's said...

How did you set up for photo #3? Lay on the ground?

Kyle Burnell said...

Great shots! I'm diggin them all :)

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