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2nd Shooting with Von!

Winter break is giving me a chance to get caught up on some things! There is so much happiness knowing that I have the next ten days off before I have to go back to the day job! I'll be headed home in a few days for a VERY big event, so no blogging for a week. Until then, here are some pics of a wedding I shot a few weeks ago with the great Von Devore. This wedding was way out past Union, followed by a reception near Hermann. It was a long drive but made for some beautiful scenery!

Check out this 150 year old church where the couple was married!

Super-cute, filled-with-curiosity ring-bearer. He saw the cemetary outside the church and exclaimed, "ARE THOSE DEAD PEOPLE?"!! I love kids :)


This church was the tiniest I've ever been in. This shot is from the very back of the church. You can also see Von in action!

Newly married!

The reception was at the Second Creek Bed and Breakfast outside of Hermann. It was a beautiful, intimate place for a reception.

Lots of heart-felt toasts were made!

Thanks Von for having me along!


Nikki said...

Ooh! I love that last shot. Great work!

Von DeVore said...

Thanks for helping out. It was a pleasure having you along.

Studio 7 Photography said...

love these! so fun!

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