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Wedding: Matt and Maggie

Had the opportunity to second shoot again for Michelle Ross at UnderGrace Photo! It was a beautiful wedding, and the fabulous reception was held at the Forest Park Visitor's Center.

Here's Maggie's beautiful gown...

Maggie's mom was the only one in the room to watch her finish getting ready...

I just loved this shot of Maggie getting so excited about the unveiling of her flowers!!

Out of all the weddings I've helped with, this was the first one where we headed downtown and did the "Arch" thing...I'm glad we did!

Outside the old church doors

The navy bridesmaids dressed looked really great with the green and white flowers!

You can tell how much fun they're having by the way they're looking at each other :)

I love orchids...had them at my own wedding!
The reception lighting included some pretty globe lights and blue uplighting...what a gorgeous room!


Studio 7 Photography said...

well, i cannot decide which one I like best. bummer. :)

Aly sun said...

Beautiful photos. I stumbled on your blog.... oh, I don't even remember, but I enjoy your photography. I am also 28 and do photography on the side. In my own learning process, I look at other photographers to steal/learn new ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

Megan said...

everything looks SOOOO great! I'm totally pumped to have you with me for my weddings in November!

Jen Berry said...

beautiful. did you do this solo? wow! i like your last name!!!

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