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Wedding: Greg and Nikki

I wanted to add many more pics from this wedding, but blogger is just not cooperating with me today. I've been lucky the last two weekends to shoot with Michelle Ross from UnderGrace Photo. She and her assistant Deena are just so sweet, and Michelle is a great person to learn from!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day...

In remembrance of Nikki's father...

We stopped by the pumpkin patch and enjoyed some great fall colors (even though it was about 80 degrees :)

Michelle sent me off to get some fun stuff with the bride and her girls.

Nikki really lit up in front of this door!

Check out Michelle's blog for pics of the guys really enjoying these tire swings...

That's all for now...I have lots more to blog this week...more from this wedding, the wedding we did yesterday, and a family shoot I have tonight down in Soulard!!


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