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Very busy weekend!

My head is spinning this weekend! My friend Crista and her fiance came down tonight for a "just for fun" shoot (I also got some headshots for the website I hope to eventually get around to putting together)...tomorrow I'm shooting a wedding with the fabulous Clary Pfeiffer, and Sunday I have a maternity shoot! It's fun being busy but also exhausting!

Here's one fun pic of Crista and Joe from earlier tonight!


The Peterson's said...

I love this picture. The colors are so bright. I got your blog from the me ra koh blog. I was really interested when I read your about me. I went to school to be an SLP, but had kids so I never went on to get a masters, and now I am really getting into photography, When I say getting into it I mean very new. I just got a starter camera and I am reading and studying photographers online. Your work is beautiful.

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