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More of the Langmade Family!

I have been so lucky these last few months to work with some GREAT families! The Langmades were no exception. We found some fun backdrops that went well with the kids' outfits. Each family shoot I do I like even more than the last!!

How perfect...a pink wall!

Gotta say hello to Lucy (not my Lucy, but just as sweet!)

Another wall that perfectly complemented!

Shelley was a genius and wrangled up an acorn to keep the little guy busy :)

At this point, Tatum has already decided the photo shoot is OVER!!!!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful family pictures. You definitely caught the little girl's moods in these shots - from playful to "I am SO done with this" All of these family shoots are great - so much better than the Sears fake-background photos when my kids were small! mk

Shelley said...

We are just thrilled with how these turned out! I just can't stop looking @ all of the pic's on our CD you mailed to us!
Thank you so much, Beth.
The Langmades

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