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Easter Beagles!!!

Anyone that knows Griffin and I knows that we have had some major struggles with dogs lately. After losing 2 dogs in 2 months, we kept swearing that we'd wait a long time before we got another one. It's just two heart-breaking! Well, we can never keep our word on that one, so earlier this week we adopted not just one, but TWO 3-month old beagles. The poor things were covered in ticks and soaking wet from living outside. After a vet-visit, they appear to be pretty healthy! So forgive us if we haven't told you yet about the pups, but we have just been quiet about it because of our past luck. It really is a happy Easter for us!

I took these photos using my new 85mm 1.8 lens. Say "hello" to Baxter and Lucy!


Anonymous said...

I am coming over to play soon!!Happy Easter!!


Trish said...

They are absolutely adorable!
Those pictures are SO cute too!
They're ALL really cute. . pictures you would see in a magazine!
Great job!

Anonymous said...

I miss them already. mom k

Anne said...

so. incredibly. adorable!!!! ;-)

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